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Your professional decision is separate from your personal belief system #Lesson1

Updated: Oct 12, 2020

Lessons of Supervision 

As a part of the mental health profession, supervision is of utmost importance and through the years of my training, I have heard and could not agree with this more. I truly believe that it has done wonders and sprinkled magic in my work. I have had the privilege of being supervised by few of the most amazing people I have met through this journey. Recently, my supervision journey took a new (more intense) turn and helped me expand my blinkers, think divergently, work through the toughest cases I've experienced yet, and evolve as a  practitioner.. 

Why this blog? If you are (or aspiring to be) a mental health practitioner, I am sure you have heard about the importance of supervision.. Through this blog I wish to explore stories and express what has personally and professionally helped me. So here is my journey and here are my lessons 


Your professional decision is separate from your personal belief system 

There are clients that bring in many experiences that might not fit into your belief system. I felt torn with one such client. I was trying to be mindful and hoping to cater to the client's needs in that session. However, recognising the possibility of countertransference during the session and sitting with some discomfort while writing my notes, this session went into my supervision journal as a point of discussion I brought up in my next supervision.

Being at peace with the discomfort and addressing my belief system, I spoke about various reasons for the client’s behaviour and actions as well. It took me some time to differentiate between what was important to me and what was important to the client. The moment my supervisor said, ‘ Your professional decision might not be a part of your personal brief system’, there was a sigh of relief that I felt in my body. It made so much sense. She made so much sense in that moment. It felt like squiggly lines clearing out in my head and having that thought process flow again. This is supervision for me. Even though it may seem "obvious", it has always been very helpful to get a third person objective perspective and that’s what makes supervision so important as well.

I am used to beating myself up for not delivering what I consider, my best.. There are all these questions and a world of wonder for 'mental health best practices' and with that, comes a curiosity to learn. I do understand that all experiences are authentic. Through these supervision sessions, I have built an ability to witness and notice my own belief system and the various professional decisions I make to cater to the client’s needs. This recognition fills my journey with more awareness. Thank you supervision #lesson 1.

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